Gas vs Electric Rotisseries

Creative Commercial and Rotisol SA, are really pleased to announce that the Grand Flammes Millennium Range of gas rotisseries are now fully AGA gas approved.

This means no more second tier approvals. All units will be supplied fully certified. Our AGA gas approval number is 8160. This makes Rotisol one of very few traditional rotisseries that have full gas approval in Australia.

Gas has always been the heat source of choice for rotisseries. The main reasons for this are:

  • Attractive flames which enhance the overall theatre.
  • Instant start up!
  • The rapid climb in temperature associated with a gas heat source.
  • Generally more economical due to the cost comparisons between gas and electric power sources, although this is negligible and not considered a valid reason to choose gas over electric.
  • Gas as a heat source is recognised as providing a more tender cook.

Electricity does also have its advantages which should not be overlooked:

  • Electric rotisseries are easy to control as the number of elements ensures a very even heat distribution across the cook area.
  • Cleaning is much easier as the majority of internal panels are removable.

Whether you decide to choose a gas rotisserie or an electric rotisserie, Rotisol offer a number of options that ensure your needs will be addressed.

The Millennium range is our primary gas rotisserie option and is highly flexible with the ability to cook anything from a cauldron of soup, to vegetables or a large joint and even whole suckling pigs and small lambs.

In electrical rotisseries the range is somewhat larger at present:

  • Millennium is available as an electrical rotisserie as well as gas rotisserie.
  • Performances are a premium electrical rotisserie designed for high output supermarket applications where the visual as well as production are important.
  • Special Market rotisseries are designed for market use, and are light and easy to move.
  • Roti-Roaster is a high output oven style rotisserie that is designed for a small foot print and low power consumption.

So whether it is gas or electrical that you are looking for, the Rotisol range is substantial and has something to suit all applications.

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