Performances 1600.8PE Supermarket Rotisserie


The improved, four-door rotisserie designed for supermarkets.

Available in 3 sizes in Australia, they can roast between 32 – 56 chickens in an hour (depending on the poultry size). Designed specially for volume cooking, these rotisseries feature a host of new features to make operation and cleaning simple and quick. This supermarket rotisserie is an electric only option.

This range also features Spatchcock cooking, which is the Portuguese style of cooking flat birds. Spatchcock birds can be cooked completely in under 40 minutes or less (depending on the size of birds)

A full range of Rotisol accessories are available for this range of supermarket rotisseries.

When you are looking for a supermarket rotisserie it is important that you find an appliance that is both reliable, a well as offering a good production output. The Performances range of supermarket rotisseries will ensure that you never run short of product, and have years of fault free operation. Many rotisseries operate with chain drives so when a motor fails several spits are affected.With individual motors for each spit, you have piece of mind that you will always have a high level of output, even in the unlikely event of motor failure.

The Performances supermarket rotisserie has been designed to simplify operation and operate with very little management. With simple timers being the only real setting to adjust, after a couple of cooks you will know exactly how long your product takes to cook to perfection. You can rest assured that when you develop the operating instructions for your cook, you will achieve consistent and reliable results. Of course this does depend on the consistency of product being cooked.

The bottom line: these new high-performance Rotisol supermarket rotisseries offer exceptional performance and deliver an early return on investment.

Rotisserie Accessories

There are a wide range of spits available for this rotisserie. The range allows the cooking of a multitude of product, including vegetables and meats.

The optional decorative hood can also be personalised with laser cutting to show a restaurant name or logo, providing that extra personal touch to your rotisserie.

  • Capacity 48/56 Birds
  • Electrical Power 40.2kw 3 Phase (with neutral; 220-240v/phase – phase to neutral)
  • Gas Power Not available as gas