The size and shape of the QP-340 allows it to be easily set up on a small worktop with no special ventilation.
DIMENSIONS: 498 x 401 x 278 / WEIGHT: 12.4kg

Ease of Use

Once connected to power, the QuickPizz only takes 15mins to reach a temperature of 300 C. Set the timer according to the chosen recipe between (90-150 sec) to start cooking

Cooking Quality

The QucikPizz ensures an exceptional quality of cooking for all products, whether they are raw, fresh or frozen. The crust is always crispy and tasty!

Energy Savings

Our patented technology allows for unparalleled energy savings. When using the QuickPizz, electricity is only being consumed during the actual cooking process.


A Restaurant

If you would like to add PIZZA to your menu with minimal investment – you can use pre-made sauces, add your own ingredients and cook your pizzas in less than two minutes.

A Pizzeria

If you want to serve PIZZAS outside of your usual rush hour – you can turn off your traditional oven to save energy, and use QuickPizz to serve fresh pizzas within 90-150 secs.

A Cafe

If you want to add PIZZAs to your menu – you can make classic PIZZAs with cooked pre-made ingredients, or create a pizza-sandwich-”le PIZZ” – thanks to our patented method.

A Kebab Shop

If you want to add PIZZAS to your menu – just like a cafe, you can sell either classic PIZZAS or create “Le PIZZ” – a pizza sandwich made thanks to our patented method.